Friday, March 27, 2009

MARCH 27, 2009

Hello again! catching up a little...Woke up this morning at like 7 am, wasn't going to have that, so i slept until 9:20ish. I went to the Athens Centre for our orientation welcome thingy, and its such a nice retreat from the hustle and bustle I've become accustomed to. The courtyard is cozy and open to the warm sun and cool breezes, they have free coffee and tea, and the roof of the centre has tables and chairs and overlooks the city and has a fine view of the Acropolis (save for a chimney in the way) which i discovered later in the day. The sky is so blue and wonderful here. Anyhow, we went on a walking tour of the Pagkrati neighborhood where my apartment and the Athens Centre are, and it was so fascinating! We walked around to see where the essential shops were, like the supermarket (where I later got some milk, cereal, and some NUTELLA) and the barber shop. After we emerged from the maze of buildings we came out onto this wide boulevard and to my left, clear as day, was the Parthenon, completely unobstructed from view. It was the first time I had seen it in person and it was amazing!! Of course later as i was walking back from the athens centre to my apartment i realized you could see it from the road between the two, i just hadnt been looking for it. We went to the Panathinaikos Stadium, the only extant stadium built fully of marble, and it was just outstanding and so massive (i had noticed the olympic rings in the trees as we were walking back from dinner last night, and Eric said that was the stadium, and i couldnt believe it was so close and surrounded by stuff, but it is). After the stadium we walked to Pangratiou Square, which is the starting point of the Pangkrati farmer's market that is set up every friday. All the fruit and vegetables looked so good (and they were sooo cheap) and the smell of olives was the perfect cure for the stench of fish. When we made it to the end, we found a little shop that sold gyros (pronounced yia-ros; its kinda hard to type out how its pronounced) and it was possibly one of the best things I've ever eaten. Can't wait to go back sooo many times. After the meal we went back to the apartments, and i went to the athens centre to use the internet (which drained my laptop battery hardcore and thus showed me i need to bring my power cord next time), and then went to the supermarket to see what they had and pick up stuff. And thats where we stand now... Going to another taverna tonight, and i might try some rabbit or something... Until next time...


  1. Hey bro...Sounds like you are off to a great start. It does seem to be a perfect environment for your studies. Good luck with your new adventure and be safe. Love ya...


  2. Oh yeah...sweet photos. You must have a nice camera. ; )

  3. TONY! I am so freakin jealous. The view looks totally amazing...and I can just picture you relaxing with some coffee and taking it all in. Take hefty advantage of that farmers market! Can you post pictures of that too? I'm glad you doing a blog- tons of fun.