Friday, March 27, 2009

MARCH 26, 2009

I flew into Elefthérios Venizélos Airport at around 2 pm after not sleeping the night before. I figured everyone else would be as exhausted so it wasn't so bad (plus, it lightened the blow i received when i got to heathrow and found out i had to pay 35 GBP extra for my second bag because i was flying on a dinky plane, but whatever, from the money i saved coming over here, it all evens out). I met up with the group in the terminal and we took a coach bus into the city, where the bus had much fun navigating corners and avoiding absolutely insane drivers and bikers. We finally got out and made the uphill trek to our apartments, where we had time to relax and unpack until dinner. The view from my balcony is great, as you will see from the pics i'll post soon. It overlooks the First Cemetery of Athens, which as most of you should know would stir up a rather eerie feeling for me, but its not too bad, mostly because i cant really see the graves through all the beautiful trees. Anyhow, after a brief nap, we went to have dinner at a local taverna, where i had a lamb chop (i think, im not quite sure what i ordered or what i got, all i know is that it was delicious) and stuffed grape leaves, as well as a rather tasty greek red wine. The walk back to the apartment was pleasant, with a light misty rain, and I slept very well except for some infomercial/advertisement calling me like 3 times last night. Until next time...

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